I started practicing bikram yoga because I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. I love my family and I want to live a long, happy life with them. With bikram yoga, not only was I able to achieve a healthy, fit body, I also became a more positive person who can find peace and relax in the face of life's everyday challenges. For me, bikram yoga is more than just a sport – it is lifestyle, a state mind, a philosophy.

- Chuchu Liu -

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Healthier inside out in just 30 days!!!

Bikram yoga promises to give you a different and healthier body in 30 days.  Set your personal intention(s) for this yoga challenge and sign up. You can start your challenge anytime you are ready from April 15 to May 08.

Types of finishers. The ultimate challenge is to practice Bikram yoga daily for 30  days. Too much? Don’t worry…there are three types of finishers for this yoga challenge:

  • Gold finishers : 30 classes within 30 days or everyday in 30 days
  • Silver finishers: 20 classes within  30 days or 5x in 4 weeks
  • Mini finishers : minimum of 16 classes within 30 days or minimum 4x in 4 weeks

What if I miss a class?  Challengers can practice 2x within a day to make up for a missed class.  However,  double classes that can only be done four times within 30 days. Double classes cannot be on consecutive days. Only one double class day within a week.

Prizes. All finishers will receive a limited edition Union Yoga shirts and other yoga gifts. ONLY Gold and Silver finishers will receive special discount rates on their next packages:  30 % discount for Gold finishers and 20% discount for silver finishers.  The discount is for one month package and is transferable.

Mechanics. The 30 day yoga challenge period is from April 15 to May 25. You can start your challenge anytime from April 15 to May 8. All participants must finish their challenge on or before May 25.

If you are interested to join, register and indicate the date when you want to start your challenge at the sign up sheet.

Each participant will have a challenger’s card. The challenger card has the following information:

(1) Name of the participant

(2) Date of the start of challenge, and Date of the 30th day.

After each class, indicate the date and have the teacher sign your card.  You will also mark on the challengers board every time you finish a class.  The challenger board helps you remind how many more classes to take.

Join and sign up now. Let’s have a finishers ‘ party at the end of the challenge!!!

30 Day Poster