I started practicing bikram yoga because I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. I love my family and I want to live a long, happy life with them. With bikram yoga, not only was I able to achieve a healthy, fit body, I also became a more positive person who can find peace and relax in the face of life's everyday challenges. For me, bikram yoga is more than just a sport – it is lifestyle, a state mind, a philosophy.

- Chuchu Liu -
FlyStrong Vinyasa with Hendri Take

A playfully strong Vinyasa class designed to take you on to the arms and upside down. Handstands, forearm stands, headstands and arm balances become the flow as we fly through fun transitions and sequences. Options will be given if you are not a hand stander or arm balancer. All levels welcome to enjoy this super fun flow.

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Healthier inside out in just 30 days!!! Bikram yoga promises to give you a different and healthier body in 30 days.  Set your personal intention(s) for this yoga challenge and sign up. You can start your challenge anytime you are ready from April 15 to May 08.

NEW CLASS ALERT: Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior with Susy Lembong

Jivamukti Yoga a physical, ethical and spiritual practice combining vigorous Hatha yoga , a vinyasa based physical style adherence to five central tenets; Ahimsa (non-violence), Shastra ( study of the scriptures), Bhakti ( devotion), Nada (music), and Dhyana (meditation).

Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy Workshop with Tina Nance

Sat, 26 Nov. Yin Yoga the art of mindfullness, in this workshop we will learn to develop our own practice therapeutically to meet our individual needs. 

Union Yoga x Slim Gourmet 14 Day Personal Revolution

This 14 day Program incorporates a healthy diet and daily yoga practice. Together these simple techniques help reveal where we can really break through and give ourselves the Personal Revolution.

What To Expect 1st Class


Glow In The Dark Yoga Party

There is nothing wrong with throwing a little fun in our yoga class. Because yoga should be fun too!