I started practicing bikram yoga because I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. I love my family and I want to live a long, happy life with them. With bikram yoga, not only was I able to achieve a healthy, fit body, I also became a more positive person who can find peace and relax in the face of life's everyday challenges. For me, bikram yoga is more than just a sport – it is lifestyle, a state mind, a philosophy.

- Chuchu Liu -

Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy Workshop with Tina Nance

Sat, 26 Nov. Yin Yoga the art of mindfullness, in this workshop we will learn to develop our own practice therapeutically to meet our individual needs. 

In Yin Yoga we explore long held therapeutic asanas that generate the flow of chi through the fascia & the energy channels of the bodymind. Releasing deep layers of contraction held in the connective tissue & influencing the 12 main meridians that feed into all of our primary organs. 

Sun, 27 Nov. Women’s hormone balancing yoga therapy is gentle yoga therapy to promote blood flow & chi into specific endocrine glands & organs that play a key role in hormonal balance. This practice will help to alleviate menstrual & menopausal discomfort such as lower back pain, cramps, fatigue, etc.   

About Tina Nance

She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, she’s currently resident teacher at The Yoga Barn Ubud. She specializes in Yin Yoga & Mindfullness and Yoga Therapy for women’s wellness.